Instructions for Using the Bayern Viewer

After you arrive at the Bayern Viewer website and when the applet finishes and the "Bayern Viewer" finally appears, enter the town name in the box under where it says "Hier Ortsname eingeben".

Click "Search".

Your town name should then appear in the bigger box below with the Landkreis (county) reference in parentheses on the same line beside it (to locate and differentiate between more than one choice of places with the same name).

Double-click on the town name that subsequently appeared in the big box.

A map will appear with the name of the town on it. If you look at the smaller map on the upper left-hand corner of the page, you'll get a red box to reference specifically where your place is in relation to the rest of Bavaria.

Above that smaller map of Bavaria, you can click one of the smaller boxes to see an actual arial view of the place.

You can also click the "+" or "-" signs at the top to zoom in or out on the map and clicking the directional bars on any of the four sides of the map itself will recenter the map to a new location.

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