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Genealogical Societies: (LDS Family History Library Research Outline) There are many genealogical societies in Germany that publish helpful periodicals and compiled genealogies. They may also have special indexes, collections, and projects. Some publish queries about German ancestors or maintain a list of member research interests. While many societies cannot give research assistance, they will inform you of addresses of researchers and other sources that may assist you in your research. When contacting a society for help, remember the following:

American Historical Society of Germans from Russia

Bayerischer Landesverein für Familienkunde Pfalzish-Rheinische Familienkunde

Germanic Genealogy Society

German Research Association, Inc.

Germany Genealogical Society of America

Germany (Hauptstaatsarchiv) Arbeitsgemeinschaft

Immigrant Genealogical Society

Palatines to America

Sacramento German Genealogical Society

American Historical Society of Germans from Russia


Recently announced the beginning of a project to place approximately 200,000 obituaries from on 5 X 8 cards that have been collected by volunteers for about 25 years on line.

Bayerischer Landesverein für Familienkunde
D 8000 München 22

Germanic Genealogy Society
PO Box 16312
St. Paul, MN 55116-0312


Member Services

GGS Library
The GGS reference collection of over 900 books and periodicals relating to Germanic genealogy is located in the Buenger Library at Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota. Hours and a map are included in GGS Connect. Call 651 641-8237 for current hours.

Research Help
Volunteers on the Research Committee will search materials in the GGS Library. The fee is $2.00 per book. Non-members requesting help should submit an additional $5.00. Send your brief, specific request with a self-addressed stamped envelope and your check to GGS.

Regional Resource Contacts
A list of experienced GGS volunteers who help members research specific German regions is published in the Germanic Genealogy Journal. Members may contact these individuals by phone, mail, or e-mail at no cost for research advice.

Surname Research Index
GGS maintains a database of the surnames and localities in the U.S. and Europe that our members are researching or have researched. Members can consult the printed database at Concordia University Library or can request that the Research Committee search the database for them. Plans include making the list avaiable on the Internet.

Regional Groups
GGS encourages and supports subgroups of members who are researching a specific region in Europe.

Web Site
Our web site provides information on current GGS events and projects.>

Major Publications

Germanic Genealogy: A Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns, 2nd edition
This comprehensive 517-page handbook for Germanic family-history researchers is written and published by GGS. In its second edition, it has been highly recommended by librarians and researchers. Available in many public libraries, it can be purchased from GGS at a special member price. Use the order form in the journal or newsletter.

Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes: An Introduction and Register
This register by Thomas K. Edlund helps you identify microfilmed German family-records.

Germanic Genealogy Journal
Our quarterly journal contains articles written by GGS members. Articles typically focus on research strategies, summaries of GGS presentations, reports on genealogical travel, book reviews, historical information, and members' success stories.

GGS Connect
Our newsletter provides information on GGS meetings in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, GGS society news, information on other related events nationwide, and reports on GGS Board Meetings.

Educational Programs

Our Fall and Winter Programs provide presentations, workshops, and small-group sessions on a wide variety of topics.
GGS hosts an annual all-day conference featuring a nationally recognized speaker on Germanic genealogy.

GGS currently has about 900 members from across the United States and from several other countries. New members receive an information packet. GGS is an all-volunteer organization. We encourage members to actively participate in our publications, projects, and programs in person or via e-mail.

Membership is open to anyone interested in Germanic genealogy or family-history research.
Dues are $12.00 per year.

German Research Association, Inc.
P. O. Box 711600
San Diego, CA 92171-1600 USA

Germany Genealogical Society of America
P. O. Box 291818
Los Angeles, CA 90029-1818 USA

Germany (Hauptstaatsarchiv) Arbeitsgemeinschaft
Pfalzish-Rheinische Familienkunde

Rottstr. 17 (Stadtarchive)
67061 Ludwigshafen/Rhein

Immigrant Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 7369
Burbank, CA 91510-7369 USA

Palatines to America
611 East Weber Road,
Columbus, OH 43211-1097
Telephone: 614-267-4700
Fax: 614-267-4888



Palatines to America is a genealogical society dedicated to the study of ancestors from all German-speaking lands, not just the Palatinate.

We take our name from the fact that some of the earliest German-speaking immigrants to the American colonies came from a region in present-day Germany known as the Palatinate and were called Palatines.

We maintain a rapidly growing library that is available to all who are researching German-speaking ancestry. We also publish a quarterly journal and other publications on German-speaking genealogical research.

Sacramento German Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 660061
Sacramento, CA 95866 USA