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BAYERN (in the German language), BAVARIA (in the English language) is a Bundesland (a State within the Federal Republic of Germany), but calls itself a "Freistaat" (Free State) based on its earlier historic standing. Bayern is divided into 7 Regierungsbezirke (Districts): Oberpfalz, Niederbayern, Oberbayern, Unterfranken, Mittelfranken, Oberfranken, and Schwaben. Bayern has 71 Landkreise, sometimes shortened to "Kreise" (similar to US counties) plus Kreisfrei Städte (cities large enough to be administered at the county level). There are a total of 373 Gemeinden (similar to US townships). In addition, there are 23 Städte (cities). Each Gemeinde or Stadt is a local administrative division.

The southern portion of today's German State of Rheinland-Pfalz was once owned by Bavaria for a very long time and was / is referred to as the "Rheinpfalz", "Rhennish Pfalz", "Rheinbayern" or "Palatinate", but it is no longer a part of modern Bavaria / Bayern.

To see a map of Germany and Bayern / Bavaria's place in it, click HERE.

To see a map of Bavaria when it owned Rheinpfalz, click HERE.

For a concise tutorial about Bavarian genealogy research, visit Michael Rauck's webpage:

How to Find Ancestor Records in Bavaria

Wilhelm Kemendic's GATEWAY to Bavarian Genealogy is another useful resource with links to the Bavarian Surnames Index, the Bavaria FAQ's listed below, a List of Places in Bavaria, and more.

For detailed help in learning the basics of genealogy research in Bayern and how to locate the exact place of birth for your Bavarian ancestor, please visit the following website which should answer many of your questions about where to begin:

Bavaria FAQ's

Another page, Genealogical Research in Bavaria by Friedrich R. Wollmershäuser, gives a summary of records and their locations.

A very good article to read for help in understanding the details of Bavarian Research that also gives many titles of useful texts (papers, books) for Bavarian genealogy researchers:

A translation of a reprint from the "Mitteilungen fur die Archivpfege in Bayern." (Report on the Archives in Bavaria).

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