Advanced Research

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Once you have determined the exact place in Bavaria (or the Rhenish Pfalz) that your ancestor was from, as well as having a general familiarity with the geography of Bavaria and / or the Rhenish Pfalz, you are now ready to proceed with "Advanced Research".

Each Bavarian Bezirk (District) has genealogy research information specific unto itself that can be found on this website's individual District pages. To begin, click on one of the links below to visit the District page related to your ancestry. Additional information which may also prove valuable to you in your genealogy research may be found on other pages of this website. For example, the "Important Books" or "Look Ups" pages.

NOTE: If the District page you click on has little or no information contained on it, this means that I have not yet completed that page. Please check back for future updates. Of course, suggestions for content on the District pages are always welcome! Contact Joanne Parmley, the Bavaria Gen Web coordinator, at: to make suggestions.